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Monteverde Map

Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Preserve/Santa Elena Forest Reserve**(7)

These two reserves are different parks but share the same lush environment. They share an incredible natural beauty that will entice you to walk for hours through its winding trails.

Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Preserve covers eight different 'life zones'. The zones posses varying degrees of humidity and climate that change as you cross over from one to the other. From swamps to misty cloud forest. The scenery is ever-changing as are its residents. Bromeliads bloom with delicate wild orchids in stunning shades of white and lilac.Monteverde Tree

Monteverde is a bird watchers paradise. There are more than 400 species of birds to be found in this park and the surrounding areas, including the elusive Resplendent Quetzal.

The earlier you hit the trails, the better. Keep in mind that birds are much more active in the early morning hours and are much easier to see.

Monteverde Forest

Santa Elena Forest Reserve is found just outside of the town of Santa Elena. Here you will find just as many birds and animals. The park spans some 600 hectares and lies at a higher altitude than Monteverde. Since it lies higher, the climate is much wetter. Rain gear and waterproof boots are recommended.

Both reserves are unforgettable parks in which you will see exotic animals and birds in their spectacular home environment. In order to minimize the impact the reserves monitor the number of people that are on the trails. Nowadays private enterprises have built bridges that are practical sky ways for you to enjoy the forest at the different levels.

Monteverde View


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Monteverde Gallery

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