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Frequently asked questions

Q- Are visa and passport requirements to travel to Costa Rica?

A-. Citizens of all the countries require a valid passport to enter to Costa Rica; and visas are needed by certain nationalities so check ahead before traveling at Costa Rican Consulates. No visa is necessary for travelers from the U.S., Canada and Western Europe.
When traveling with a passport, citizens of the U.S., Canada and most Latin American and European countries may stay in Costa Rica for 90 days.

Q- Can I drink the water?

A- Yes, you can drink the water! The public water system provides pure, suitable and good quality water to 98 percent of the country. Water supplies are filtered and chlorinated, and the quality is controlled by the State. Many people prefer bottled water which you can find in every hotel or restaurant.

Q. Are immunizations required?

A- Costa Rica is one of the safest destinations in the developing world, from a general health point of view. This is largely due to high health standards in our country.
There are no required inmunizations for entering Costa Rica. However, it is always wise to keep up your basic shots such as tetanus and diphtheria. Risk of contracting malaria is minimal, but for itineraries that include the Caribbean lowlands, travelers might wish to take the extra precaution of a prophylactic medicine such as chloroquine. Decisions about immunizations and anti-malarial medications should be made on a personal basis after consultation with your personal physician.

Q- What taxes would I have to pay?

A- For the included features of your itinerary taxes have already been charged. For meals on your own the bill will come with a 13% sales tax and a 10% service tax. (Extra tipping is at your discretion.) There is a US$28 tax upon departure that must be paid at the airport.
Tips are not included in tours or transfers, and the amount depends on the service that you received. Tipping is expected.

Q- Is Costa Rica safe?

A. San José has increased its population very fast in the past years. Therefore you shall want to take the safety precautions you would in any populous place. Avoid tempting friends of theft. Here are a few tips for avoiding petty theft:
1. Make a photocopy of your passport and leave the original in your hotel safe.
2. Change money in your hotel and ask for part of it in small bills.
3. Carry backpacks on your front.
4. Never change money in the street or flash big wads of bills.
5. Don't wear anything other than costume jewelry. Men, get a cheap watch for the trip.
6. If you are going out at night, take a taxi.
7. Don't leave money or valuables lying around your hotel room. Use the safe or check them in at the reception desk.
8. As a general rule, do not trust every person who approaches you in the street.

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